Kris Kristofferson Endorses Clark(Wha?)

Kris Kristofferson Endorses Clark.

Top Ten things you didn't know about Kris Kristofferson in semi-chronological order:

  1. His father was an Army general.
  2. He was a Gold Gloves boxer.
  3. He was a Rhodes Scholar.
  4. He was a helicopter pilot in the Army.
  5. He resigned his commision in 1965, after being assigned to teach at West Point.
  6. He got Johnny Cash's attention by landing his helicopter on Cash's lawn and handing him some demo tapes.
  7. He was known for his heavy boozing.
  8. He lost his helicopter pilot job after passing out at the controls.
  9. Kris gave up alcohol in 1976.
  10. He was in Convoy.

Bio info via IMDB.

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