Cubs at Braves

Cubs vs. BravesI went to the Cubs vs. Braves Playoff game last night with some friends. It was a lot of fun, and the closest thing I can get to the American League playoff baseball that I really want to see. It was interesting to see the contrast in the fans of the two teams. There were several thousand Cub fans, some who were Atlanta transplants, and others who had travelled from Chicago for the game. Braves fans tend to be a bit more gentile than I am used to, being from the Northeast. The Chicago fans were more boisterous, and they have every right to be with their history. As a Yankees fan, it was sort of fun to go to the game without a pre-disposition to be a fan for either team. Overall, it was a fun game, what October baseball should be all about. I'm not so secretly hoping that the series will go five games so that I can see another one. In the meantime, you can be sure that I will be glued to my television set for the game tonight.
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