WWDC Keynote

Well, there's a lot of coverage of the WWDC keynote elsewhere, so I'll just give a couple of opinions and call it a day. First, Panther looks great, there are a lot of changes at the system level that make sense and were expected. The new features all make sense strategically, and put them solidly ahead of MSFT in the OS innovation department yet again. MSFT has attempted to create buzz for Longhorn, something that won't see the light of day for another two years at least. I can only imagine all the innovations we'll see from our friends in Cupertino in the same time period. Second, I'm drooling over the new hardware architecture. It puts Apple in a place where they can plausibly compete with the Wintel architecture, even if they are only slightly behind in performance, the OS is so much better that it makes for a good argument. By the time the machines hit the streets, the top end Wintel machine will be faster than the one we saw today. Regardless, I will be replacing my aged tower when these machines hit the streets, and I'm excited to see what they, and Panther, can do.
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