This knowledge base article denotes the differences between iPod software 2.0, which comes with the new iPods that start to appear in consumers hands tomorrow, and iPod software 1.3, which is the update they just released for the first and second generation iPods so that they could play the new AAC file format that the iTunes music store employs. This information, to me, is disturbing, and not just because I own a second generation iPod that is less than six months old. I would hope that Apple is not so short sighted that the new iPods are can't use the same code for a simple alarm clock. It pisses me off because the 20Gb iPod wasn't a small purchase for me, and I would expect them to continue to update the OS and firmware within a reasonable set of parameters. I can only surmise that this is another case of Apple being greedy because they did the absolute minimum for existing iPod owners. That refrain, for me at least, is getting more and more tiresome as time goes on. I'm at the crossroads, and I need to buy a new machine in the next couple of months, and I have to say that this stuff will factor into my decision.
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