So I've been tracking the press reaction to Hayley and to Mr. Personality in general. Not that I am a big fan of shows like this one, far from it, but it's somewhat interesting to see how the makers of the show frame the personality of the main character, knowing a little of her personality myself. There's been a mix of reactions, most of them not terribly insightful. Of course the most interesting ones are the negative ones. For instance, it seems our friend over at Slate would like to see more Monica and less Hayley, which is weird because I find Hayley to be anything but "forgettable" and "fatuous," but I'd had enough of bland old Monica years ago. Had to stick that SAT word in there to up your literary cred, didn't you? I found it interesting that on the show they had her sit down with the contestants and astrologers because she seemed to be very interested in that particular thing the night we all hung out. We all went around and revealed what sign we were, and talked about what signs were compatible with each other. I wonder if that was previously scripted into the show or if they built that from her interests. Ratings were pretty strong. I think the best overview of the first episode is this one from Zap2It.
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