Matt is at Yosemite. I went there years ago, before my involvement in the Web, and before I was chained to my desk at work all day moving text around on a screen. I think at the time, I was splitting my time between DJing at a club two nights a week, working at a record store three or four days a week, and working at a comic shop on the weekend days. That's not really very relevant to this post though. Yosemite changed me as a person. The place is like a church to me. The scale of everything reminded me how small I am, and how large and beautiful the world is. I suspect a lot of that had to do with the fact that I was living in a very urban New York environment at the time. I think about that trip all the time, not because I think about the woman I was dating at the time who went with me, but because I was changed as a person from standing in that park. Oddly, I haven't gotten back there since that trip despite many business and pleasure trips to California since then. America is a grand country, with so much to see, so much beauty, and so many incredible people, it makes vacation planning a nightmare in a good way.
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