My summary version of 2002:
  1. Still Laid off, doing small projects. Boring.
  2. Lots of sitting around the house. Boring.
  3. I go to SXSW. Fun.
  4. I go to Las Vegas. Fun.
  5. I go to California. Fun.
  6. Working again full time as an independent consultant. Rewarding.
  7. We settle with our former employer. Finally.
  8. I go to Maine and Nova Scotia. Great Fun.
  9. I loved her for eight years, she breaks my heart in an instant. Not so much fun.
  10. I attempt to recover. Eeesh.
  11. I go to Connecticut for Thanksgiving. Fun.
  12. I continue to attempt to recover. Aaargh.
  13. I return to Connecticut and New York for Christmas. Fun.
  14. I am tired of the recovery process and decide that I have to move on. Hooray!
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