Well, I got my Danger Sidekick on Friday, and I have had a few days to evaluate the pluses and minuses of this device versus a Palm OS based Device or my PocketPC. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of the stellar deal that Amazon was offering on the device, that is definitely the way to go currently if you are considering buying one. In short, I really like the device, with a few minor things that I would like to see changed in an update. First, I will not be able to get rid of my regular cellphone because the current plan that is available for the device is very sparse on minutes. Of course, it makes up for the lack of minutes with unlimited data. The device is very easy to use and to learn how to use. I still haven't gotten the T-Mobile Web Interface for the device to work properly for me, which means I'll have to write that up another time. While it is larger than a regular cellphone, it is still smaller than I thought it would be. Using it as a phone, I had no complaints about clarity or reception using it either as a regular handset or with the provided hands free attachment. I used AIM on the device extensively from various Atlanta locations this weekend, and I found the keyboard to be very usable for this purpose and for typing email. The Web browser works well enough with the limitations of the small screen, but it seemed to have a much harder time working with CSS loaded pagesthan regular table layouts. Overall, the data service experience of the device was very good. However, I live inside the city of Atlanta, and it seemed that the coverage for the data network was very spotty. Your mileage may very there depending on the city you live in. More later....
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