I went to a T-Mobile store near the office I am currently consulting out of and checked out the Hiptop that they are now offering. I have been thinking about getting a device like this for a while now, and the only real options are this device and the PocketPC Phone Edition, which is much more expensive. After playing with it for a little while, I wanted to purchase the device there and then. However, in accordance with my new policy about technology purchases, I then entered the one day waiting period that all purchases less than $500 require. (If it is more than $500, the waiting goes up to 5 days.) So I believe that, unless I change my mind, I will be purchasing said device after work this afternoon. My first impression of the device was that I wanted it to be a color one. I guess they are going to come out with a color version at some point, but who knows what the price will be, and what the implications for battery life will be.
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