I am finding that I often do not do a good job of composing email for the particular person that I am writing that email to. I was thinking about this subject this morning. Thinking that I spend a lot of time writing each email message, crafting the sentences, and then reading and re-reading the message to make sure that I have been clear in what I am attempting to say and that there is little chance of misinterpretation. I was then mentally complaining to myself that people do not read nearly as carefully as they should. It seems every day that someone misreads something I have written in an email, and I am forced to send additional email messages attempting to more clearly explain what I was trying to say. A couple of hours later I realized that I was composing each email as if I was writing it to myself, not to the particular person to whom the email was going. It's my careless writing, not your careless reading. Sorry everyone.
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