I migrated my TiBook over to Mac OS 10.2 last week. It took longer than normal because I wanted to reformat the hard drive and that meant backing everything up and then having to re-install everything. This was complicated by the fact that my MS Office V.X CD is AWOL, and I'm going to have to order another one I guess. I'm finding Jaguar to be faster in all the right places, and with so many improvements that I wouldn't even try to go into them here. I'm also using the just released iCal, despite reports on the Web that it is buggy, and the complaints that they forgot to offer the Canadian holidays, I think it's well done, especially for a first effort. Some of the data entry stuff is not as intuitive as I would normally expect. For instance, there is no way to attach any kind of note to a To Do task. Normally, my to do items need additional information with them in order for me to get them done, and I like putting that stuff together when I enter them.
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