I've been using O'Reilly's Safari service for the last few days on a trial basis(they offer a 14 day trial.) For someone like me, who buys a lot of computer books and is constantly referring to them on various projects, this service, which lets you subscribe to ten books online and read them from any internet connected machine, is ideal. It saves me from having to carry books to and from work every day, and the search feature means that I can see which books contain information relevant to my current problem or project. In the three days that I have been using the service, I have already done this at least ten times. The books available are not confined to the valuable O'Reilly books, but there are books from a bunch of technology publishing companies. At $14.99 a month for ten books, I think this service is a bargain, but I think they could do us all one better. I think the service would be even better if, when you buy a book from O'Reilly that is offered on Safari, you should get a serial number or unique indentifier that can be used to activate that book on Safari at no charge. That way I wouldn't be paying for books that I want paper copies of twice, I would get used to using the service so that I would want more books that I hadn't bought paper copies of. A win-win in my opinion, I wonder who at O'Reilly I should send an email to with this suggestion?
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