Rip 'n' Roll: A Date With 8 Jukeboxes This article does not live up to its title at all. I was expecting a comparison of the eight Jukeboxes. At best, all I got was a mention of eight jukeboxes. I can't believe how shoddy I've found the mainstream media's coverage of technology consumer electronics to be. The reports are, like this one, shallow and uninformative. I'm not talking about hardcore technical specifications or tests even, how about a comparison of the sound quality of these devices, or a listing of which has the best battery life? People are saying that Weblogs are not journalism, but all I keep thinking is that I get better information from Weblogs about many of the things I am interested in. Finally, there's not a new piece of information in this article anywhere. No conclusions drawn, no recommendations made. Where's the beef?
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