Show Ends for the Yanks' Sojo It's got to be so tough for an old school manager like Joe Torre to have to part ways with so many of his staple players over this off season. Sojo is the most recent to go. You may remember him as the guy who always seemed to come up with that big hit in the clutch situation. I'm certain that the Met's fans among you will remember him:-)

As a Yankees fan, I can't say I'm not a little concerned about the tean chemistry going into this season. They replaced so many of their core players, and these guys were the ones who set the tone in the clubhouse. Players aren't just interchangable parts that you can easily swap in and out. It could be worse, of course, look at the situation in Texas. I'd hate to be a fly on the wall in the Ranger's clubhouse these days. Regardless of all this stuff, I find myself really looking forward to baseball season. I hope labor disputes don't end up ruining the game for me again.

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