Windows Me has to be the worst operating system ever released. After weeks of rebooting my computer several times a day just trying to do basic work, I finally managed to damage some component of the start up/logon process. Now, I cannot log onto the machine as myself. During the same several week long time frame, I have also been using my Powerbook G4 every day. It has crashed twice. Of course, I can't get database work done right now, which is what needs to get done. So I'm angry that Microsoft's product, which I paid for like an idiot, is of substandard quality. The answer, of course, is to spend more money upgrading to Windows XP, throwing good money after bad. I wish we could demand that they improve the products we already have purchased so that they are usable before we buy a new version. I'm also angry that Microsoft's Database Client Tools only work on their operating system platform. If it weren't for that one simple app, I would be using the Mac full time. It's a spin cycle of lock in.
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