The only thing I can say to you, the cowardly, weak person that sent me the very disturbing email that we "got what we deserved" from the University of Wisconsin Library is that you should at least have the decency to engage me in conversation in a way in which I can respond to you directly. I feel sorry for you. Not that your opinion about the US and this incident is different than mine, in this country we accept those opinions. That you have no regard for the completely 100% innocent people whose lives were taken and the loved ones of those same people. In turn, more lives will be lost as a result of this incident in other countries. Some of these people will not be innocent, but some will and that is a shame. I doubt you fully understand the situation because your email didn't show that understanding. I'm sure you are getting what you wanted, a public response to your email, a rise out of me. I, however, have no other way to respond.
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