Filling the Void. I like the idea of this, and I'd even advocate it as a permanent replacement. I'm going to start posting on non-WTC related topics again to day. Not that I have forgotten, not that it's crept away from the front of my consciousness, but that it's getting unhealthy in my head. As it should be, it's virtually all I have thought about and dreamed about for the last week. I find myself at the end of this week resolved. First resolved to help in any way I can to heal the damage done to our country, to New York and to Washington, to the families and friends that lost people, and to our financial straits. Second resolved to work towards a solution to the problem of terrorism on this planet. We can clearly no longer treat our involvement with the rest of the nations and peoples on this planet as a trivial matter that will not have a direct effect on us each personally. Nor should we turn the other cheek in this matter, but use a combination of all the means at our disposal including diplomacy, financial, technology, and, where necessary, devastating violence, to put an end to this threat to the planet.
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