I took a couple of hours this morning when I woke up and read How to Be Good by Nick Hornby (High Fidelity). I really liked this book. It's full of witty observational humor, some of which I'm sure was lost on me as it is set in Britain, and I don't pretend to be familiar with the nuances of British life. It also asks some tough questions through the wit, and I will be thinking about those for the next few days. I'd say, without reservation, that it's worth picking up and reading.

The narrator in the book is a woman, and I've always been amazed by authors who can switch sexes in narration believably. Her husband is sort of the main character, however, and he begins the book as a consumate angry guy, something I can relate to quite easily. I'll leave the plot of the book to your reading of it, but the transitions that he goes through struck a very personal chord with me.

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