Man am I ticked off at Sony right now. I bought a Sony laptop a couple of weeks ago to have a machine to use until I can replace my Powerbook. I made sure to buy a model that ships with either ME or 2000 for compatibility purposes. Since the store did not have the Windows 2000 version in stock, I went ahead and bought the ME version, knowing that I had an extra Windows 2000 license at home that I could use to upgrade the machine. Since there is a version that ships with Windows 2000 drivers, I figured that I could either download the drivers I would need or have Sony send me the drivers CD for the machine. Turns out that neither are available right now, and they can't give me a date when they will be. I'm stuck with crappy unstable Windows ME, and very unhappy with Sony. I wouldn't buy this machine if I had it to do again, and I may just go ahead and return it. God I sound like a Whiner.
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