Customer service is dead. Three weeks ago, I purchased a Compaq iPaq Pocket PC. Looks great, interesting feature set, and some stellar reviews on the Web. I had it for two days, and I was really enjoying it. Then, things took a turn for the worse. The screen started showing everything backwards. I would have returned it in exchange for a new unit, but CompUSA wasn't getting any more for at least a month. So I called Compaq, and they seemed great. They sent me a box and I sent it off to be repaired with the promise of the unit being returned in 3-5 days. I waited 5 days, then I called them again. My unit needed a new main board. As it turns out, there are problems with the main boards in a lot of the units, there is a main board problem. The boards are backordered and I'm in line waiting behind other suckers that bought the defective unit.

So, I've spent $500 on something that I had for three days and won't have back for the foreseeable future. I requested a new unit, but they claim they won't have any until after the first of the year. They are, however, shipping units into the channel. They would rather sell units to new customers than take care of people who are already customers, who have already plunked down their hard earned cash. Shame on you Compaq. I am no longer a customer of yours, and I will tell anyone who will listen how awful you are.

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