I keep reading on Dave Winer's site about how great the Mets are, how they have some super philosophy that makes them different, and better, than the average sports franchise. Clearly, this thing is a construct in his mind. I haven't heard any of the announcers for FOX talking about it, nor has it been mentioned on the half dozen episodes of Sportscenter I've watched on ESPN this week. I'm not a Mets expert, however, despite having lived in New York State for seven years, so I leave that to those much more qualified to address it. Something I do know about are the Yankees. He claims "they have no soul". I disagree, no other professional sports team, with the possible exception of the storied Boston Celtics and Canada's Montreal Canadians, has more soul and tradition than the Yankees. I'm the third generation in a long line of Yankee fans. The Yankees franchise has a deeper place in American culture than any other sports franchise. Period. Have you heard of Babe Ruth? Joe Dimaggio? Mickey Mantle? I thought so. Have you heard of Dave Kingman?
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