I'm a huge music consumer. I mean really huge. I buy at least two cd's a week, sometimes more. I have a huge CD and record collection, and music has always played an important role in my life. I look around my apartment and realize that I am the record label's idea of a best customer. I use Napster every single day at work. Rarely is it to check out music that I have never heard of, and almost never is it to download music I don't already own. Ocassionally I'll use it to check out some songs by a group somone has recommended to me directly or via a Web site, but if I like it, I always buy the cd. Part of the reason for my use of Napster is convenience. I don't have a 100 Gb hard drive to carry all of my CD's around with me, and I can rarely predict what I'm going to be in the mood to listen to. The other part is laziness. I don't have the free time to rip my thousands of CD's to MP3 to make my collection portable. In the end, it's good news they got the stay, but I think that the labels are being incredibly short sighted and I think everyone knows it but them.
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