Here's a step in the right direction: eMusic has a new plan where you can pay $9.99 a month and have download access to every MP3 on their site. They have lots of good indy and major label stuff. That's less than the cost of one CD. If the major labels were smart, they'd each start a service like this. (via usr/bin/girl)

Update: I signed up for the plan and I'm finding all sorts of good stuff on their site. I'm listening to the Herbaliser's first album right now. This is the way this should be done, no micropayments, freedom to get the music I want and only keep the stuff I'm actually going to listen to. I'm cleaning up one of my extra computers and I'm going to stick it in the back of my walk in closet and store all my music on it. Perhaps I can move the bulk of my CD collection into storage in a couple of months after I've ripped them all to one of the four drives in this machine.

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